The Windsor-Severance Historical Society

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society of Colorado seeks to preserve the past and promote the history of Windsor and Severance for future generations through outreach, education, and stewardship.

2014 Newsletter


Greetings members and everyone interested in the history of this area,

Our website is active now with Kaile Melendez as the new web master. We post the minutes on the site so everyone can read them. Please go to our web site at

We now have a face book page and have been posting historical pictures on it and asking questions about the pictures. Please like us on face book.

We started talking to Austin Weichel early in the year about a bronze statue to recognize our heritage, water, sugar beets and the family farm work ethic. Also to recognize all the people who made the village and museum possible. We are still in the starting stages. We have started the process of talking to the town and getting the papers in order. Please watch for our announcements as things begin to pick up.

We have been receiving royalties from Acadia Publishing for our book.

We were a sponsor for the Windsor Harvest Festival and set up a booth with some historical information for the people.

We had our property cleaned up several times and had some dead aspen trees taken down.

Several scrapbooks were donated to us from the Raymond Cullison Estate. They will need to be preserved for the future.

Marge Straube and Sue Buxmann participated in “40’s Forever” at the Loveland Airport. They took information about the POW camp and visited with many people and heard good memories.

We will participate in “Windsor Wonderland” and will be in Severance for their Christmas celebration the same day, Dec 6, 2014.

As you can see we are still very active and soon will be very busy. We could really use some more help. We meet the fourth Monday of each month at 10:00am at the First Christian Church at the corner of Fifth and Walnut in Windsor. Come join us! We would love to have you!


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Minutes from November Meeting

The WSHS met on Nov. 24, 2014 with Marge Straube, Sue Buxmann, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Gene Morey, and Andrew Dunehoo present.

We mailed out 233 newsletters and membership forms and have started receiving them back.

We will participate in Windsor Wonderland and Severance Christmas on Dec. 6. We will sell pickles and we now have the bookmarks printed by Easychair Media to help get our information out. 500 of them will be placed in the bags given at Windsor.

Our campaign for funding our statue now has a name…”Fulfill our WISH”.

The WSHS received the first check from the oil co for $201.68.

We received a Thank You from Elvina Simansky for doing the interview.

Andrew reminded us of the grants given by the Poudre Arts Alliance. We need someone to write grants and we need to be active in asking questions of the Alliance.

The meeting of the Park and Recreation Board for December was cancelled. We will try to get on the agenda for Jan. 2015 if Austin can get the paperwork done. Andrew needs to know by Dec. 15 if we are going to be there.

The 125th celebration of the town of Windsor will be in 2015. We need to be a part of that. They will have a web site set up and we can have a link for our project on it.

Andrew would like to have the collection that was donated to us by the Cullison family. He would like to have them scanned a have that information on line for genealogical research.

Andrew is asking for volunteers to be docents for the museum.

We usually don’t have a meeting in December. If there are some major things we need to discuss we will plan on having the meeting. Watch your e-mail for information.

Respectfully submitted

Sue Buxmann

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FulFill our WiSH

The sculpture is under way and here is a few pictures of the progress! We are so excited to share these photos with everyone. Weishel has done an amazing job!


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Join the Effort to Promote Windsor’s History

WSHS bookmark front

WSHS bookmark back[1]

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Minutes from October 27th Meeting

The WSHS met on Oct 27,2014 at the First Christian Church with members Gene Morey, Sue Buxmann, Sandy Brug, and Marge Straube and guest Nicholas J. Wharton, Assistant Town Administrator for the town of Severance.

Andrew sent us an invitation to the meeting for the 125th celebration of the town of Windsor on Nov 12, 2014 at 5:45 pm. We need to RSVP if we are going. Sandy will go.

Sandy and Marge finished an interview with Elvina Fritzler Simansky with an Ipad recorder. They ran out of recording time after 30 minutes and will add some information later to the finished project. They are convinced we need to invest in a camera after the statue project is complete.

Austin has been out of town and is working on our revisions. We are waiting on that to finish our brochures and get the approval from the Park and Recreation Board.

Pickle ornaments have been ordered For Windsor Wonderland on Dec. 6 and also the same day we will go to Severance for their celebration. We will sell the glass ornaments for $5 and the make your own for $3.

Sue is going to start a membership drive soon with newsletter and applications.

We received mail from GW oil and the IRS to be filled out. Sue will take them to Elaine for help and get them mailed.

The Cullison scrape books now stored at Sandy’s house need to be preserved with acid free boxes. Sandy is going to ask Andrew for his expertise in doing this.

On 9/30/2014 we had a deposit of $64.50 from Royalties from our book.

Respectively submitted

Sue Buxmann

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September 2014 Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met on Sept. 29, 2014 at the First Christian Church with Caitlin Heusser, Museum Curator for the Town of Windsor and members Wrenda Parker, Sandy Brug, Sue Buxmann, Gene Morey, Marge Straube, and welcomed new member Bonnie Steinbrecher.

Marge reported we received $66.50 from Arcadia Pubishing.

Marge asked Caitlin how people can see the things they donated as she has many calls about that sort of thing. In fact she has someone coming on the 15th interested in this. Caitlin took their name and will get in touch with them to see if she can find these things.

It was decided to forget about the water feature because of the many rules and regulations we would have to follow. We all agreed that the pump handle is much too high to be truly authentic. Sandy will e-mail Austin and give him the info.

Sandy reported that the form for the Parks and Recreation Dept. is finished.

We need to raise some money before we apply for grants as they look at that sort of thing.

It was decided to have a brochure printed when we have more information to put on it.

Sandy will get the Chamber list to send out letters.

We had much discussion about how we will recognize the different level of donors. Also we will be talking to different organizations around Windsor and maybe have some kind of a party for the community to talk about the project.

Gene has many scrapbooks from Raymond Cullison estate; he will take them to Sandy’s house.

Marge and Sue participated in “40’s Forever” at the Loveland Airport. They visited with many people about the POW Camp and many other memories people had.

We will participate in “Windsor Wonderland” at the Boardwalk Galleries which is located across the street from the Olde Town Hall where Santa Claus will be. We will sell pickles and have children put together the foam one and sell the glass ones. Sue will order 2 dozen more. Sue will check on the Christmas in Windsor.

Sue will send a Thank You note to Darrel McNabb for the money that was donated in his name.

Hal Pearson sent his membership in.

Sue is going to try to get in touch with Cheryl Glantz of the AHSGR to see what kind of camera she has for taping videos.


Sue Buxmann

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Our Newest Project

Historic Society Monument 

The WSHS has begun funding a sculpture created by artist Austin Weishel. The artist describes this work as an “Over Life-Size monument for the town of Windsor, CO. Structured to have the pump with an additional two kids holding “sugar beets”. Signifying how the town became what it is today from the 1900’s.”

wIMG_0069 wIMG_0181

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August Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met Aug. 25, 2014 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Sue Buxmann, Marge Straube, Wrenda Parker, Gene Morey and Austin Weishel present.

Austin showed us the mockette he is working on of the statue. We are very excited to talk to the Park and Recreation Board on Sept. 2, 2014.

Sandy will call Melissa Chew and get us on the agenda and see what we need for that meeting.

A boy scout troop cleaned up the weeds on our property and when they get done we will donate to them $100.00.

We are planning on having a tent at the Windsor Harvest Festival on Sunday and Monday to get us out in the community. Sue will check with the committee and see if that is possible. We donated $250 to the Harvest Festival to be part of it.

Marge reported that our Website is paid for the next two years.

Sandy has gotten the Facebook Page up and running and there are a few pictures on it. We have generated a great deal of interest.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann

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July Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met on July 15 with Melissa Chew and Andrew (the person who took Carrie Knights Job) at the Town Hall to discuss the possibility of having a statue placed in the Boardwalk Park honoring all the heritage of this wonderful Town of Windsor.

Several suggestions were given to us and they seemed very agreeable with the project.

We will write a proposal to present to the Park and Recreation Board meeting in Aug or Sept. depending on where we are at that time with our project.

The Poudre Heritage Alliance and the Town of Windsor have grants that we could apply for. We should also get in touch with Don Reichert with the Fine Arts Council.

The WSHS met on July 23 with Austin Weishel at the House of Windsor to discuss starting our project. We did not sign the contract with Austin at that time to give us a chance to look his contract over. We did give him the first payment for him to start with the drawings and clay.

Austin will have the picture of the statue by Labor Day so we have something to show to the people at our booth in the park. We need to start getting funds right away.

Marge was invited to the Poudre Heritage Alliance “Partnerships Then and Now” on July 31 at the Greeley Museum. She will RSVP for Sandy as Marge will not be available for that day.

We are all invited to the Bracewell Picnic on Sept 20 at the Von-Troth/ Firestein Farm from Noon until 4.

There will be a meeting at the Town Hall to hear the Mill Feasibility Study at 6pm to hear what the next step will be for the Mill that was damaged in the 2008 tornado.

Austin invited us to go to the Art Show in Loveland Aug 8-10 at the city park.

There will be no meeting on July 28, 2014.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann

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Minutes from June 18th

The WSHS met on June 18, 2014 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Wrenda Parker, Gene Morey, Sue Buxmann and guest Carrie Knight.

We are sad to see Carrie has resigned her position with the town but we are very excited to wish her well on her next adventure in New York.

We received a donation from Viking Underground for $200.00 which is to help cover the property taxes and a donation. We received $135.00 From Pikes to help pay for the clean-up of the property on Ash St. Both of these businesses use our property for parking. Brian Leagjeld cleaned up our property and it looks great. We need to have the Aspen trees taken out. Sandy is going to call Ken K. from the town to see if we need a permit to take them down.

Carrie gave us numerous ideas to advance our idea of putting a statue at Broadwalk Park.

We need to establish a mission statement, create the concept, and sell our vision.

We need to create a statement to put on the statue that honors all those who came before us and will come after us who will keep Windsor’s history alive.

We need to have a place in the area that acknowledges the donors for the statue.

There is an area in the park that is designated for an interactive statue. Our concept is to have water as the interactive part. Our goal may be to have it done by 2016.

We can apply for grants but must remember that grants must be matched.

Our next step will be to talk to Melissa Chew at the town. Sandy is going to schedule that.  We need to stress that we are giving this to the town and they will have to do the maintenance.

Sandy will be the Project Leader and contact person now for all parties concerned.

Later we will appoint a person in charge of grants and a person in charge of solicitations.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann

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