The Windsor-Severance Historical Society

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society of Colorado seeks to preserve the past and promote the history of Windsor and Severance for future generations through outreach, education, and stewardship.

1949 State Softball Champions


Softball champs

Hope you enjoy the old pictures of some of Windsor’s past baseball history. WSHS felt that with baseball season just starting it would be a great time to get these pictures out, but also a time to maybe get back some information on what others remember about how well baseball was received and enjoyed by the Windsor Community. Here is a list of items we are looking to clear up and get information on.

1. Do you recognize any of the men in the 1939 Soft ball picture? We have been told the first row middle picture is Ed Schlitt, maybe this will help you put names to others in
the picture. We would love to name them all.

2. We have been asked by a group from California if in 1934 anyone remembers or heard something about a game played in Windsor that was sponsored by the Denver
Post and was made up of an all black team to play Windsor Ball Club.

3. There is also a thought that Satchel Page might have played on this team. This would have been long before he became one of the first black pitcher’s in the major
League. Let us know if maybe there were rumors or whatever news is that you remember hearing and from whom?

4. If any one has older baseball pictures that they would like to include in “remembering Windsor’s Baseball History” please feel free to send them on to our Web site
and we will include as many as we can.

5. Since the old ball field by the cemetery was dismantled and moved east in 2011. Tell us your memorizes of time spent at the ball park and what it meant to you?

6. What difference do you think lights being put up in 1959 meant for the Windsor community and teams? What other amenities do you remember in being installed?

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on “Baseball in Windsor”.


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Minutes from March 24th, 2014 Meeting

The Windsor Severance Historical Society met on March 24, 2014 with 5 members, Sandy Brug, Wrenda Parker, Gene Morey, Marge Straube, and Sue Buxmann present. Martin Lind’s Assistant Destiny and Austin Weishel were guests.

Austin gave us ideas for the bronze we would like to have created. His idea was a farmer with a plow. Sandy also suggested a hoe. He also gave us ideas to raise money and gave us the four steps to finalize the project.

Sandy will call Kelly Arnold and set up a time for us to go and talk to him about our plans and create an atmosphere of friendship and cooperation between the Town and our organization.

Sue will call Bob Winter president of the DDA and explain to him our plans and see if they will support us.

We will try to talk to organizations around town also.

When we get some of the plans finalized we will send out letters to members and businesses in the area.

Sandy will get the face book page set up.

We received a check from Redeemer Lutheran Church for $3005.00 for Karla Lind’s memorial. We received the memorial brochures from Karla and Paul Brinkman’s memorials and a very nice note from their family.

Brad Hoopes has asked us to do our exhibit about the POW Camp at the Sept air show at the Loveland Airport. We will certainly try to do that and get the word out about our upcoming project. We will try to do something on Labor Day.

Marge received more pictures from Margaret Fillmore of the Bartz Hospital and the house that they lived in on Main and Seventh.


Sue Buxmann



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Minutes from February 24th, 2014

The WSHS met on February 24, 2014 at the First Christian Church with five members present, Gene Morey, Wrenda Parker, Sandy Brug, Marge Straube and Sue Buxmann.

After many e-mails from Sue we have received the check for the oil lease at 501 Ash St. for $300.00 and it is deposited in the bank. Fed Ex tried to deliver the check to our building on Ash St. several months ago but the driver said it looked like it was closed for the winter.

Marge said the pickle ornament booth was a big success at the Windsor Wonderland celebration in December. It was terribly cold that day and her daughter and granddaughters braved the elements to help her.  Marge thanked Sandy for the decorations at the booth. We gave the ornaments out as a Thank You for buying all of our books that the society bought to sell.

Kailee Melendez is the new web site master. We will put pictures on the site and always post the minutes.

Margaret Fillmore of Fort Collins sent us some pictures of the Bartz Hospital . Sue will scan the pictures and send a thank you note to her. We will try to use some of the pictures on the website.

Tim Bernhardt sent us $100.00 donation and a Thank you was sent to him.

Marge went to the conference on the Poudre River that was held at The Art and Heritage Center.  She also met with Carrie Knight about the history of the old Park School. Park School or the Town Hall now has been designated as a historical building by the Town of Windsor.

Several suggestions were made about the property on Ash St. It was agreed that Marge will get some information about a bronze statue and see what we can do with the memorial money we have received. We would like to recognize all the past members of WSHS for the hard work they did in getting the village and museum started in Windsor.  Sandy suggested that we have a bronze statue commemorating the agriculture and sugar beet background of the area.

Sandy suggested we set up a facebook page and she agreed to do that and try to get information out about the history of Windsor and news of our organization out to the public.


Sue Buxmann


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Recap of the events at the end of 2013

Four members met at Marge’s house in November to discuss what we were going to do for the “Windsor Wonderland” that was to be held by the DDA in December. Sue ordered about seven dozen “pickle” ornaments to be given away as appreciation to the town and community for buying all of the books we had ordered and sold. Marge had a fun contest paper that people could guess Christmas songs. We would let them guess songs and win a “pickle”.

Wrendra and Sandy were working on some posters to use that day.

The day of the event turned out to be extremely COLD! Marge and her granddaughters decided to brave the cold and gave some of the ornaments away.

A few people braved the weather and showed up for an ornament.  We have some ornaments left so we can discuss what to do with the others at the next meeting, Monday, January 27 2014 at the First Christian Church.

After the meeting a reporter from one of the Windsor papers showed up to ask some questions about “Where were you when President Kennedy was shot?”  There was a nice article in the next edition.

We did not have a meeting in Dec.


Sue BuxmannJ

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Just Published!

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society has just published its first book: Images of America: Windsor, authored by Rachel D. Kline. The newest volume in Arcadia’s Images of America series, it is a collection of historic photographs assembled from numerous private and municipal collections. The book features many faces of Windsor from its beginning through its formative years. It’s a stroll down memory lane with pictures of Mr. McCall, Mr. Tozer, Frazier’s Drug Store, and the Star Lite Café to name only a few.

Books are available at local retailers, national booksellers, and through the Historical Society. The cost of each copy is $21.99 plus $5.25 for shipping.

Thanks again to all those who contributed photographs!

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Our New Book, Images of America: Windsor

Our new book Windsor, part of the Images of America series from Arcadia Publishing, includes hundreds of historic photographs and local history of Windsor and Severance.

Windsor will be available the week of April 16, 2012. Stay tuned for updates on where to purchase your copy.

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Change of WSHS Monthly Meeting Place

The WSHS will be meeting at First Christian Church, 530 Walnut St., beginning on January 23, 2012. All society meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 10:00 A.M. All members are encouraged to attend.

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Society Meeting September 26, Election of Officers

We hope you have enjoyed your summer. The Society has been busy this summer with finishing Windsor, a photographic history in the Images of America series from Arcadia Publishing, and producing new oral histories now available at the library including Helmut Aab, Herold Hettinger, and Elmer Walker.

The Society is now holding meetings on the fourth Monday of each month at the Clearview Library at 10:00 am.

Please note we will hold our meeting for September 26, 2011 at the First Christian Church at 530 Walnut Street at 10:00 a.m. for the election of officers. If you are interested in holding an office, please contact Marge Straube at 686-2624. Refreshments will be served. Be sure to attend–we need your input!

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Society Meeting April 25th

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society would like to invite all of our members and others in the community who are interested in learning about the organization to our meeting on April 25, 2011 at 5:30 pm at the Clearview Library meeting room. The society is looking for the community’s input into what more they would like the society to be doing and ways that they would like to help. Refreshments will be served.

Please attend if you are interested in the history of Windsor and Severance, we would love to have your input.

If you have questions please call Marge Straube at 686-2624 or Sue Buxmann at 686-2513

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Weld County Turns 150

Weld County is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. To commemorate the event, Weld County has created a website to highlight the county’s history, post upcoming events for the celebration, and gather stories from the community. Each month the website features a different topic in Weld’s history ranging from towns and agriculture to educational institutions and pop culture. For the month of April, the website is featuring the history of schools throughout Weld including Windsor. Visit to learn more about the sesquicentennial and the history of Weld or to submit your own story!

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