January 25th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

The WSHS met on Jan, 25, 2016 with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Andrew Dunehoo, Hal Pearson, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Gene Morey, Kristie Melendez and Sue Buxmann for our regular meeting.

The contract with Carrie Knight has been signed to write the grant. We will spend from $500 to $1000 for it to be written for us. Carrie was highly recommended.

Sandy had more questions for everyone on the grant. She has a conference call with Carrie scheduled and will let us know what else she needs from us. We need to be able to say what the extra money will go for if we ask for the amount we suggested. Martin Lind has agreed to write us a letter from the Eaton Ditch Co.

Hal suggested we check on Colorado Lottery Funds.

The “Can We Count on You” letter is almost complete and will be shown to Tom Prenger for his approval before they are sent.

Sandy will ask Austin about the cost of making small duplicate statues to be sold.

We received an oil check for $97.02

Our property taxes are $109.52. Our treasurer will pay this.

Andrew stated the museum buildings will be open this year during the concerts.


Sue Buxmann

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Minutes from Meeting on January 2, 2016

The WSHS met on Jan. 12, 2015 with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Andrew Dunehoo, Gene Morey, Kristie Straube and Sue Buxmann.

Andrew helped Sandy with many questions she had about the Poudre Alliance Grant we are applying for. Sandy is to get more information from Carrie Knight about the fees she will charge for writing it before we hire her.

Kristie wrote a prototype of a letter to send out. She will see if this is what Tom Prenger is looking for.

Kristie will book the banquet room at Water Valley on a Sat in April for our reception because they are filling up so fast. We will put the posters on hold for now. Sandy is going to see if we could get our books ordered a little cheaper.

We also talked about Austin making smaller versions of the statue to sell and make money as a fund raiser.

Feb. 9 the DDA will host after hours at the Art and Heritage Center and we are all invited.

Andrew invited everyone to the reception at the Art and Heritage Center on Friday night Jan. 15 at 6pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann


After communicating with Carrie Knight it was decided to hire her to write the grant.

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Minutes from Meeting on November 23rd, 2015

The WSHS met on Nov. 23, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, Bonnie Steinbrecher and Sue Buxmann present.

We worked this past week getting the forms for the grant from the Town of Windsor written and printed, budget forms, copies of tax information found and delivered before the deadline on Thurs. at noon. We will be at the Town Board meeting tonight to see if we get the $50,000.00 grant.

If we get the grant from the town we will have enough to give to Austin to lock in the price and match funds from the Poudre Alliance Grant.

The Poudre Alliance Grant is coming up at the first of the year and Sandy is going to get in touch with Carrie Knight to see if she will write it for us.

Sue went to a committee meeting for the AHSGR Memorial fund. They talked about giving us $500.00 from the Violet Stromberger memorial and maybe adding $500.00 more to it. They met Sat. the 21st and will vote on it.

Brad Hoopes would like to promote his book on our website. It was agreed to do that.

We received a message from a granddaughter of the Powers family that lived east of the Kodak entrance offering her grandmothers cookbook for our “Gala”. We will talk about that later.

Windsor Wonderland will be Dec. 5 and we will set up a table at the depot. Sue will get the pictures etc to the museum for them to set up. Andrew will put out a locked donation box.

Hal is going to contact some politicians about our statue.

Marge asked what to do with all the tapes she is storing of our interviews. They will gradually deteriorate. They have been copied on DVDS and a desktop drive so they can be thrown away.

Respectfully Sue Buxmann

Addendum: The Town Board granted us the $50000.00 on Monday Nov. 23, 2015. The AHSGR-NCC voted to give us a check for $1000.

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Minutes from Meeting on October 26th, 2015

The WSHS met on Oct. 26 at the First Christian Church with Marge Straube, Andrew Dunahoo, Eric Lucas, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Kristie Melendez, Sue Buxmann and Sandy Brug.

Sandy finished the parking lot letters to send to Pikes and Viking Underground and the “to whom it may concern” letters to place on the vehicles. Sandy is in touch with the towing company and the Town of Windsor is going to make our signs to put up. The town staff will help us identify the vehicles that should not be there.

Kristie will order our envelopes to send out Thank You notes and letters.

Marge will call Kelly Arnold to meet with him about approaching the Board about getting some money for our statue.

Kristie will get in touch with Tom Prenger to set a date in Jan or Feb of 2016 for our “Gala” and set up a meeting with him to go over details. Many suggestions have been made about door prizes, individual gifts and also something to sell. Andrew said the Town could help us with a slide show of historical pictures etc. Kristie suggested we send out “save the date” post cards before the invitations.

Kristie suggested we set up a “KicK Start” or “Go Fund Me” on Face book. Eric will let us know which one is better.

Sandy will call Arcadia for cost of books.

We may go for the grants if we need them. Kind of wait and see approach.

Sandy sent a letter to Shraeder’s Oil and left a message. Kristie suggested she keep calling.

We probably don’t qualify for Sam’s Club money but Sandy is going to check it out on the internet.

We will take part in Windsor Wonderland by putting a display in the Depot to start our “Name the Statue “campaign. We will ask them to go to our face book page and give us the name. If they give out goodie bags to people we will put our rack cards in.

We received $67.20 royalties on our book.

Sue Buxmann





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Minutes from September 28th meeting

The WSHS met on Sept 28,2015 at the First Christian Church with Gene Morey, Nick Wharton, Kristie Melendez, Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Bonnie Steinbrecher, and Sue Buxmann.

After much discussion Sandy volunteered to write a letter to be placed on all the vehicles that are parked on our property and inform them that we are restricting parking for Town of Windsor Museum parking only. We have the DDA support in doing this and we are sure the Museum will greatly appreciate it. We may have to tow a vehicle or two but if it needs to be done we will.

Kristie has not been able to do much with the dinner but January of next year may be the date. We have a lot of work to do as far as gifts etc. We could do a save the date postcard. Austin has agreed to do tiles and Sandy is going to check on the price of the books. We may also do a unique charm of our statue. Having different courses of food to depict the history of this area was also discussed. We can still do a smaller reception for the other donors at the Old Town Hall. Gene took a bunch of posters to the town and Sandy will get them back to see if we can use them for gifts. Also other postcards from over one hundred years ago would be good to use. We could have them blown up and framed to give away or sell.

We need to get grants written the first of next year.

Marge is still trying to get a hold of someone with the HJ Heinze Co. to see if they would be interested in our project.

Sandy reminded us all of the Harvest Fest this Sat Oct. 3, 2015 from noon to 5:00 pm at Broadwalk Park.

Respectfully submitted

Sue Buxmann

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Minutes from August 24th Meeting

The WSHS met on Aug 24, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Gene Morey, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Sue Buxmann, Sandy Brug, Marge Straube and Kristie Melendez present.

Marge and Kristie met with Tom Prenger of the Bank of Colorado to discuss his plans for a fund raiser for us. He would like to sponsor a “Gala” for us to raise money. Details need to be worked out as to where etc. Tentative date will be in October. The cocktail party scheduled for Sept. 24, 2015 has been cancelled. Austin and Andrew have been notified.

Sandy will check on price of ordering our book for gifts. Also check with Austin about charms representing our statue for gifts.

Hal sent us information from Carrie Knight about writing grants. We will wait until after the “Gala” to write grants. Kristie will get in touch with her to explain our plans.

We are scheduled to be in the parade and set up in the park on Labor Day.

We received an oil royalty check for $155.18.

Marge had a charge on her credit card bill for $11.88 for the website. We are not sure what this is for, Kristie will check on it.

We have a bill for the Thank You notes for $124.25.

Sandy will check the website to make sure the donor list is correct.


Sue Buxmann


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Minutes from July 27th Meeting

The WSHS met on July 27, 2014 with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, and Sue Buxmann present.

Marge suggested we all think of a company that has a history in Windsor and get in touch with them about our project. Some of the suggestions were GW Sugar, Gambles, Manweiler’s, Morey’s, Brunner’s and Heinz Co.

So far we have $28,000 for our statue.

Kristie will get us 500 Thank You letters at the cost of $145.00.

Sandy, Marge and Sue volunteered to walk up and down the Main St. and stop at all the businesses and ask them to put a post card in the window, leave some rack cards, and ask for donations.

Our Calendar…

Aug 15, Severance Days…Marge will call Nick to see about being part of this celebration.

Aug 22, Pro Challenge Bike Race…Kristie will see if we can get permission to set up a card table with donation box and cards to pass out.

Sept.5 and 6, Harvest Festival…Sue will get us registered for the parade and a booth in the park. Also Sat. Sept 5 be present at Boardwalk Park for the All School reunion and the concert.

Sept 24, Beer and Wine at the Art and Heritage Center…We will have beer and wine donated by the Bank of Colorado and hor’dourves furnished by Chimney Park Bristo. We need to make a list of who we will invite.

The Bank of Windsor is having a promotion, Open an account there and they will give you $125.00 and donate $125.00 to the Society.

Kristie suggested we pass out our cards at the AHSGR dinner meeting in Sept. Marge will talk to Kathy Heisel. Kristie suggested we start a Go Fund Me acct. on face book. Our face book page is doing very well. Kristie suggested we put some trivia questions on there about once a week. Kristie suggested we attend Chambers business after hours and check the fast food places in town and see if they give grants. We will reapply to Schraeder Oil on Sept 15. They consider grants quarterly. Also the Windsor Business expo is coming soon and we should make an appearance.

Sue Buxmann

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Minutes from June 22nd Meeting

The WSHS met on June 22, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Hal Pearson, Gene Morey, Sue Buxmann, Kristie Melendez and Andrew Dunahoo for a short while.

We mailed almost 600 letters and postcards this past week. Thank you to Sandy, Gene, Bonnie, Sue and Marge for helping. The cost of this was $168.60 because we used the bulk mail rate through the Windsor Chamber.

Sandy suggested we all check our own address books and send letters to our friends. Everyone agreed to do that. We could personalize these letters.

Sandy found a list of grants on-line. Kristie said the Poudre River Heritage does theirs once a year and they like to see in=kind donations coming in.

Kaile is having problems getting the donations to show on the site. She and Kristie are working on it.

We should all be thinking who we can invite to our wine party in mid September.

Sue received the property evaluation for our property we pay taxes on. There was no increase.

Kristie will check on having a booth on Labor Day and having an old vehicle in the parade.

A donation of $100.00 will be donated to the Church for their hospitality to us.

Marge is going to buy a roll of stamps for the other letters we will mail.

Aug 14 and 15 are Severance Days. Marge will talk to Nick and get information.


Sue Buxmann

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Join us Memorial Weekend for this special event

We’ve been asked by Brad Hoopes, Executive Director of the Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado to share an invitation to a number of activities over Memorial Day weekend to honor the “Greatest Generation,” our World War II Veterans.  There will be a Victory Day Dance on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. at the Fort Collins Senior Center.  The evening will include performances by the 13 piece big band “Just For Kicks” and the “American Bombshells” (an Andrews Sisters tribute group.)  The guest speaker will be Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, giving a presentation about her grandfather Jimmy Doolittle of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.

In addition, the annual Memorial Day Ceremony will be held at noon on Sunday, May 24, 2015 at Veterans Plaza (very west end of Horsetooth Road, located in Spring Canyon Community Park in Fort Collins.)  There will be WWII re-enactors, vintage vehicles, a fly over, food vendors, veteran resource booths, more music and dancing as well as a field of flags (4000+, one for every 100 KIA) to honor those who have fallen during the war.  If you know friends or families who have since lost their WWII veteran, we invite them to the ceremony and ask that they bring a picture of their veteran with them to hold during the ceremony.  We request your presence at the ceremony as we hope to gather the largest group of WWII Veterans and all those affected by WWII as possible.

To RSVP for the dance and/or if you have any questions, please feel  free to email Brad Hoopes at brad.hoopes@rememberandhonor.com or call him at 970-631-2027.

These activities are being held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.  You are encouraged to dress in your best 1940s garb and be ready to dance the night away.  There will be a VIP reception from 5 pm to 7 pm for WWII Veterans and Donors.  All WWII Veterans and their guests will be admitted for free.

For tickets visit www.veteransplazanoco.org.

We know from past posts and comments on Veterans Day that there is a great amount of interest about our Windsor Veterans. Please take a moment to share this invitation with anyone that you know is a Veteran as well as anyone who would be interested in taking a few moments to attend the activities.  It’s a great way to honor our Veterans.



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March Meeting Minutes

The Windsor Severance Historical Society met March 30, 2015 at the First Christian Church with Marge Straube, Sue Buxmann, Bonnie Steinbrecher, Hal Pearson, Kristie Straube, Nick Wharton, Gene Morey and Sandy Brug present.

We received a letter from History Colorado with an application to be recognized for the work we do. Sandy is going to check into it and send it in.

Kristie is working on our budgets for us. She received the information from Elaine Schlouthauer our treasurer. Sandy will forward the information from Austin so she can proceed with that.

Kristie is going to get us on the agenda for the April 27th meeting with the Windsor Town Board. We will meet with the Severance Town Board potentially on May 4. We will ask Austin if he will be there. This will be the official kick-off of our campaign “Fulfill Our WiSH.”

The Chamber has agreed to support our project at the All Time BBQ on June 4, 2015. We will set up a table and ask for donations. We will have information about joining and donating, pictures of the statue and hopefully Austin will be there with his “mock-up.”

We will plan a cocktail party at the “Olde Town Hall” and invite potentially big donors. We will also plan another “cookies and punch” party for the community and introduce our project. We will write up a press release for the local newspapers. Sandy will start on a letter to be sent to potential donors after the press release. We will send out postcards to others. Sandy suggested we have a program with Dr. Tom Noel aka Dr. Colorado and promote this project. Sandy is going to order some pictures from Walgreens of the statue for these different occasions.

Kristie’s suggestions for recognizing Campaign Sponsorship Levels are…only names, never amounts!

Friends of WSHS…up to $999.00

Patrons of preservation…$1000 to $9999

Generation Benefactors…$10,000 to $24,000

Heritage Founders…$25,000 to$49,999

Premiere History Supporter…$50,000 and up

We will honor these people in different ways, recognition on the website, bronze plaques, sandstone pavers or memorials, also on boards in the depot and personally recognizing the big donors at the unveiling ceremony. If we have a” big” donor maybe we could name the area around the statue for them. We will also try to have a plaque telling the story of why the WSHS thought it was important to honor these people that made all of this possible.

We need to name our statue. It was suggested that we have a contest to name our statue.

Kailee will put all of the donations that we have so far on the website. She will not put the amounts only the names and also the different memorials we have received in recent months. The website has a place to make donations for “Fulfill Our Wish.” We will use our Facebook page to promote our project.

Judy Firestien at “Von Trotha-Firestien Farm at Bracewell” will have her open house at the end of May and we could participate in that again. She will publish a book and we could buy a small ad and put a picture of the statue in it. We will have a donation booth there.

Respectfully submitted

Sue Buxmann

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