The world has changed as we know it in a very short matter of time and brings to mind why preserving our history is so important. The Windsor Severance Historical Society is dedicated and committed to continuing to save our history for future generations. You can see our accomplishments on our website. We have more to accomplish and rely solely on memberships to keep our organization and efforts going.

Can we count on you to support our continued efforts with a membership?

Our members are the heart and soul of this organization and we only succeed because of their generosity and membership. Memberships have supported WSHS for 32 years, helping us promote local history so that future generations will remember and understand the local heritage. A heritage that provides a vital link to our everyday lives. Like you, we understand that preserving our past––educationally and culturally––is the best way to leave a legacy.

When you become a WSHS Member you join us in saving, preserving, and sharing our precious history! Become a member today! Membership is open to anyone who shares an interest in preserving the history and heritage of our area today and for future generations.


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