The WSHS met on April 22, 2019 at Bethel Lutheran Church with Laura Browarny, Caolyn Figal, Judy Firestein, Marcia Will-Clifton, Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Gloria Gaslin, Kristie Melendez and Sue Buxmann.

The dedication for the Mother Statue will be held June 27 in conjunction with Community Cares somewhere between 4:30 and 6:30. There will be a planning meeting held on April 30, 2019. Marcia and Judy will plan to attend. Sandy’s Park will be dedicated at that time. The town has the bench ordered and the plaque will say “Line #1 SANDRA JOYCE BRUG #2 Sandy LOVED Windsor #3 Family Friends Books #4 Animals Flowers LIFE. We are still planning on having another sign there and Marcia will be sending some quotes for us to look at and read.

We had discussed before giving flower seeds as a fun gift at the event. Sue will look into ordering them online from the Dollar Tree. 200 was the suggested amount to order. 

The Town is again planning to have Cities and Towns week celebration in Sept. It will be held at Boardwalk Park and they are planning on showing the “Decades of Windsor Schools” videos at that event.

Marcia and Judy reported a very light attendance at the Poudre Pour this year. The weather was very cold. The pretzels were a great hit but Laura reported the food was subpar compared to other years. Marcia suggested that next year we should just make a donation as she didn’t think it was worth the $350.00 we gave them this year.

Marcia has not been able to get ahold of Ryan Scallon to see if he would like the Art Work at his office. She will keep trying.

Sue reported that 290 letters were mailed for the membership drive. 55 of them were Thank You letters for Sandy’s memorial. She has received several back and hopes to have many more.😊 $100 more was received for the memorial and Charles Smith and his wife would like to do a brick for Sandy. Despite the fact that we are done with the bricks this one will get done. 

As soon as Sue gets most of the addresses corrected on the mailing list she will send them to Kailee and we will pay her to put them in an excel file.

Sue asked Hal to get the mail from April 26 until May 5 as she will be out of town and she is hoping the PO box will continue to be full of new members!!


Sue Buxmann😊