The WSHS met on April 23, 2018 with Sandy Brug, Gloria Gaslin, Luke Bollinger, Hal Pearson, Sue Buxmann, Kristie Melendez, and guests Tara Frosch, and Kristy Zulkoski from the Town of Windsor.

Hal made the motion to authorize Sandy to sign the contract to sell our property at 501 Ash St. for the price of getting the mother figure for the statue. The motion was seconded by Gloria and passed. Luke will present the contract to the Town at the meeting on May 14, 2018 for them to execute it. The Town will not own our property until the statue is complete and the closing will be held.

Mean while we are still trying to figure out how to get rid of the items in there that were returned to us from the town. United Way Volunteer Day of Action will be June 15 and 16. Tara suggested that we use the volunteers to help us with a garage sale and disposal of what is left. Luke will see if that can work for us and get it coordinated with the volunteers from Vestas and OI.

We will need to change our mailing address after we no longer own 501 Ash St. Sandy and Sue will take care of getting a PO Box and sending change of address forms.

We have a new member, Nancy Bowers of Lakewood saw our story in the Windsor Now and sent money for a brick, book and membership.

Sue took a list of 20 new bricks to be engraved to Mark Clay. We would really like to get the bricks placed by Memorial Day.

Kristie and Marcia are working on the art display for the picture that Austin gave us.

The Larry Jacoby video is on U tube now but only half of it. Sandy will work on getting it all on there.

The Town will recognize the 10th anniversary of the tornado with a Community Health Fair at Boardwalk Park on May 22,2018. The Town will hold a reception on May 14 honoring the many people (who are very numerous) who helped the Town through that bad time.

Sandy will call Emily from the Windsor Now and see what is happening with it.

This year the farmers market will be on Saturday mornings from 9-1 and on Thursdays along with the concerts will be an artisans market. Luke suggested we set up to sell our books on Thursdays. We all thought that was a good idea.

Sue Buxmann