The WSHS met on Aug. 26,2019 at Bethel Lutheran Church with Marge Straube, Dan Meyers from the Town of Severance, Gloria Gaslin, Kristie Melendez, Marcia Will-Clifton, Thomas Chambers, Carolyn Figal, and Sue Buxmann present,

Minutes were corrected with the spelling of Straube and the addition of Hal Pearson’s full name.

Treasurer’s report was given by Sue Buxmann from the bank statement. Checking…$16,177.70, Savings…$5177.24, CD…$3273.92. We received from Rueben Bareis (an WHS alumni from the class of 1945 and a constant supporter of WSHS) $250.00 for dues and donation & $176.40 from Award Alliance for faulty post for Sandy Brug’s sign. We paid Ruth Brunner $24.99 for card for video camera and Smart Marketing $175.95 and $31.25 for work on web site.

Sue has sent an e-mail to Eric Lucas to see if the town would like to be reimbursed for the post that they replaced but she has not heard back.

Severance Days was cancelled due to lack of help on that day. Next year will be the 100 years anniversary for Severance. Several suggestions were made for that celebration. 

Ruth Brunner has taken over the job of doing interviews for the WSHS. She has the video camera and all of the equipment to go with it. The middle school media class will help her with it. She has finished Ted Starck and Tom Morey. Ted Starck is on the web site and you tube. She has put some pictures on the website and intends to put all of Paul Fritzler’s on also. She has been in touch with John Fritzler and has gotten permission to do that. Her goal is to do one interview a week for this year. Dan offered to help her preserve the videos. Sue will let her know of the offer. 

Windsor Wonderland will be Dec 7. Marcia has been working on a picture to use for people to stick their heads in and get their picture taken. We need to find who the picture belongs to and see if we can get the original to get a good resolution. It is a landscape picture with three men standing by a beet truck. 

Octoberfest will be Sept. 21. We may sell books that day. 

We still need to get all of the 2019 minutes on the website. There is still money in our pay pal account and Sue lost the information how to get it out. Kristie will save the day because she still had it.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann