The WSHS met on Feb. 26, 2018 with Gloria Gaslin, Eric Lucas, Hal Pearson, Luke Bollinger, Sue Buxmann, Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Judy Firestien, Marcia Will-Clifton and Kristie Melendez.

The contract to transfer the property is being looked at by a lawyer for the Bank of Colorado. Kristie reminded us of the mineral rights. It was moved by Marge to transfer them to the town. SAC We will ask the town to pay title insurance or split it with us. Eric will get in touch with Austin and sign a contract with him.

Gloria moved to name the statue “Coming Home” SAC

We made a donation to PVH and Poudre Pour and received two free tickets for 3/31/2018.

Kristie will check with Kailee and see if we owe her any money for the work on the website.

It was suggested we change the letterhead logo but may be able to make it a clearer image and look nicer.

Kristie will talk to some people in Severance and see if they would like to send a representative from their town to our meetings and become more involved.

Marcia and Kristie will work together to set up a traveling exhibit for our picture Austin gave us and a brochure to acknowledge all of our donors and the information and history of our statue.

Several suggestions were given for cleaning out the creamery. Maybe some could be used in the Eaton House, we could sell some, maybe tie the sale to the first concert to be held on June 7, 2018.

Gloria moved we purchase a new video camera for more interviews. SAC

We will check into moving our website to a different platform to get away from the one we have now that was kidnapped and held for ransom.

Sandy will check on a YouTube channel and possible CSUL connection.

Sandy and Judy will start working on a cookbook and get us the information.

Harvest Festival Parade was tabled.

Sue reported we received a donation from Flagship Publishing, Inc. the publisher of Colorado Life Magazine for $160 from the Krautburger event held in September. She sent a Thank you and a receipt.

Dues are due at this time.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxamnn