The WSHS met on Jan 23, 2017 with Austin Weichel, Thomas Chambers, Kristie Melendez, Sandy Brug, Marge Straube, Luke Bollinger, Eric Lucas Gene Morey and Sue Buxmann.

Austin brought the mock-up for the farmers wife. Several questioned the fact that we do not have a complete family. She would cost an additional $64,000.  Right now we need $800 just to finish the required signs. Sandy is going to set up a Go-Fund Me account or U on Face book. Which ever one has the best  deal. Also get the word out in Social Media that we still need some money. Use local newspaper as well as our website and the Town of Windsor website. “Complete our Story” was suggested as a theme. Promote the fact that we are starting the First of many Art Projects in Windsor. Get Katie from the town involved.

Next week we will plan on going to Austins studio and take a reporter from the local newspaper to write a story. At this point the statue is in clay. It was suggested we ask the reporter in charge of the new Premier Magazine that is being printed about Windsor.

We still need to name our statue.

Sandy suggested we use the rock sign such as is front of the Recreation Center to acknowledge our organization and why we did this project, instead of the bronze signs of the side of the base. There will be four sides on the base and they will be pretty full with donor information.

We will talk about starting the  membership drive at our next meeting. We should title it “Brick and a Book” For $300 we would have their name carved in a brick, get our book and membership in a great society.

Sandy composed and sent a letter to Kelly Arnold asking for the additional funds to finish our project. We have met the criteria for this. She will compose some letters to send to prospective donors for the “Mom”. We would suggest to them they still have time for a 2016 tax donation.

We have set the date with Eric and Luke for the big unveiling. June 29, 2017 will be the day.

Pike’s would again like to use our parking lot on the west side of the creamery. Kristie is going to talk to them about it.


Sue Buxmann