The WSHS met on Jan. 29, 2018 for the annual meeting with Sandy Brug. Marge Straube, Thomas Chambers, Marcia Will-Clifton, Hal Pearson, Austin Weishel, Sue Buxmann & Judy Firestien.

Austin presented us with a beautiful framed photo of our statue. He reminded us that we need to name our statue! Some of the suggestions for what we should do with it were…ask to have it displayed at the WCRC or take it to different businesses around town to display it.

Luke sent us the draft of the contract with the town. We will all read it and see if we think we need to take it to a lawyer. The title search and survey should be done soon. This should be done by Feb. 28, 2018.

Election of officers was held with these results. President, Sandy Brug, Vice President, Marge Straube, Secretary, Sue Buxmann, Treasurer, Elaine Schlouthauer. Board members are Hal Pearson, Thomas Chambers, Judy Firestien, Marcia Will-Clifton, Kristie Melendez, Gloria Gaslin and Luke Bollinger or another representative of the Town of Windsor.

Sandy will contact the Town of Severance to see if they would like something out of the creamery. We will need to decide what to do with or dispose of everything that is in there.

It was approved to donate $250 to The Poudre Heritage Alliance which manages the Cache La Poudre River National Heritage Area.

We have $12,326.64 in checking, $5148.24 in savings and $3240.45 in a CD.

2018 dues are due now.

The rest of the meeting was spent setting goals for the coming year. These include doing something new with the videos, a cookbook with historical pictures and recipes, buy a video camera and start more interviews,


Sue Buxmann