The WSHS met on July 23, 2018 with sandy Brug Gloria Gaslin, Marge Straube, Marcia Will-Clifton, Hal Pearson, Caitlin Huesser, Kristie Melendez and Sue Buxmann.

The minutes were approved.

No treasurers report.

A trash dumpster will be at the creamery on Friday July 27. We have help from town employees to do the heavy lifting. Sandy and I will be there to make sure they don’t take anything that we can donate.

Austin will present the statue maquette tonight at the town board meeting.

Marge was informed that she was charged $15.00 on her credit card for something to do with the web- site. She will be reimbursed. Sandy is still looking for a good site to move to.

Emily Kemme of the Greeley Tribune is doing a story about sugar beets and the Germans from Russia. She has asked to use some of our pictures in it.

Sandy said she found a place on the web where we could do a cook book on our own very inexpensive.

We will have a live statue enactment on a trailer in the Labor Day Parade. Sandy will get us registered for that.

Marcia reported that she will get the letter done by Sept. and buy the items needed for our picture display. We will coordinate this with the Labor Day Concert on Sept 1, 2018. Kristie is putting together a trifold brochure which will promote the WSHS and recognize our great donors among other things. We need to get a new PO Box before this. to put in different places around town. We can get acrylic stands to put them in.

Gloria asked if she could take some books to her 65th class reunion to sell. It was agreed that it was a wonderful idea.

Ruth Brunner will be doing an interview with Bill Kirby, whose uncle George Kern was very important in the history of Windsor.  We agreed to call Ruth to see if we can record it.

The Town has decided to put out a newsletter with information about the town since we no longer have a newspaper. The town and library are again negotiating with Gannet to get our old newspapers back.

Sandy suggested we have a contest on Face book and ask people to submit photos of Windsor now since we no longer have a newspaper. We could have winners every week or so.


Sue Buxmann