The WSHS met on July 24, 2017 at the First Christian Church with Sandy Brug, Kristie Melendez, Sue Buxmann, Gloria Gaslin, Luke Bollinger, Thomas Chambers, & Marge Straube.

We have 13 more bricks sold as of this morning.

The Interpretive sign and the brackets to keep skateboarders off the pad will be installed Tuesday the 25th. The town is waiting for the masons to come and install our sign.

Sandy finished and sent the final report for PVH the week after the install to get our final payment on the statue. We are still waiting for the payment.

The statue now belongs to the Town of Windsor and is insured through them.

Kristie suggested we get the final total cost of the statue for future use.

Colorado Life magazine is doing an article about the Germans from Russia in this area. Sat. Sept 23 from 10 to 1, they will have a celebration at Boardwalk Park with speakers and Krautburgers and Museum Tours. Marge was drafted to give a speech with some anecdotes of the history of GR’s.

We will participate on Aug.10 for the last concert and the farmers market in Sept to sell our books and bricks. Luke offered to set up the tent for us by the statue. Gloria will ask the AHSGR if they would be willing to sell our books at their meeting.

We will hold election of officers at our next meeting in August.

Eric Lucas is interested in purchasing our property at 501 Ash Street. We will let him know and see if he can get an appraisal and see if we can work something out.

Laura Browarny the Museum Educator would like us to partner with her to get a grant to educate kids about history. She needs a 501 organization to partner with. We all agreed that we would love to do that and help in any way we can.

We agreed to donate $100 to the church for letting us use their meeting room.

Sandy suggested we consider someday helping the TOW with the cost of artifacts. She would really like us to do a cookbook.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue BuxmannJ