The WSHS met on June 24,2019 at Bethel Lutheran Church with Kristie Melendez, Sue Buxmann, Marcia Will-Clifton, Laura Browarny, Hal Pearson, Gloria Gaslin, & Thomas Chambers.

We discussed the dedication to be held on June 27 at 6:00pm at Boardwalk Park. The Mother element of the statue has been installed and is beautiful. We will also dedicate Sandy’s Park that night. We will thank all of our donors. Kristie will have control of the mic. Kristie will ask Eric Lucas and Martin Lind if they would like to talk. Sue bought wild flower seed packettes to be given away and Kristie made labels for them. Everyone helped put them on. We will have books to sell and brochures to pass out.  We are to be there to get set up between 4:30 and 5:00pm. 

We were asked to participate in Severance Days. Sue will ask Judy Firestien if she would like to help with some of her interactive display she had at Poudre Pour.  We can sell books and have our brochures to pass out.  

One book has been sold through our web site.

Sue will send Kailee the updated labels to be put on an excel sheet. We will pay her for her time.

Marcia would like to have the picture idea where people can put their faces in a historical picture for Windsor Wonderland. She is going to check into that.

Marcia did not have any luck getting the picture of the statue displayed at ReMax. She is going to see if we can get it displayed at the Severance Town Hall in July and August.

Sue is going to get in touch with Ruth Brunner about helping with interviews to continue on with our project. 

Kristie suggested we meet with the Historical Preservation Committee in August sometime and see if we could coordinate our efforts. 

Sue had the new list of members for the society.

Sue Buxmann