The WSHS met on June 25, 2018 with Sandy Brug, Thomas Chambers, Sue Buxmann, Hal Pearson, and Laura Browarny from the TOW.

Minutes were approved.

Treasures report was given. We have $38,709.25 in checking, $5,149.52 in savings, $5149.52 in a CD. We had deposits from the TOW $25,000.00, dues $150.00, brick, book and donation $310.00 and garage sale profit $529.00. Sue kept $10 for petty cash for stamps and mailing books.

Kristie Melendez was detained in a meeting and text that she will soon have our brochure sample for us to approve.

Austin is rethinking moving the girl to place the mother’s hands on her shoulders. We are now considering what to put in her hands. A basket with eggs or a bowl with strawberries or raspberries were suggested. Sue and Sandy have been finding examples of hairstyles, shoes, and dresses and aprons for Austin. Sue sent an apron with rickrack for Austin to use. Marge has the bowl that her Grandma used to pick berries for him as an example.

Austin plans on presenting the mauquette at the July 9 board meeting at 7pm for approval.

Sandy and Judy Firestien are checking on different websites to find one that is more affordable.

The Firestien’s would like George and Molly Brug’s brick replaced because of the chip in the brick. Sue will put that on the next list of bricks. We will continue to sell bricks until we finish the statue.

Sandy would like to put a float in the Labor Day Parade this year. She suggested we have a live depiction of the statue. Maybe we could have horses pulling the trailer.

We Talked about starting oral histories and writing something for the Windsor Now about our history with Boardwalk Park.


Sue Buxmann