Minutes of The Windsor-Severance Historical Society June 29, 2020 

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society met via Telephone Conference Call on Monday, June 29 at 10:00 a.m. In attendance were Kristie Melendez, Elaine Schlotthauer, Gloria Gaslin, Dan Meyers, Marcia Will-Clifton, Laura Browarny, Sue Buxmann, Thomas Chambers, and Judy Firestien. 

Call to Order – Kristie Melendez called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. 

Monthly Reports/Approvals 

May Minutes – The Minutes from the previous meeting on May 18, 2020 were reviewed and approved as presented. 

Treasurer’s Report – Elaine gave a verbal report on funds. The balance in the checking account is $16,343.83, the balance in savings is $5,189.92 and the balance of the CD is $3,291.75. Two debit cards were issued and Kristi and Sue have those. Sue will use the card to purchase postage for mailing books online through “Click and Ship”. Kristi will have the other card for use as a back-up if Sue is not available. Kristi will pick up the post office key from Sue. Kristi commented we are in good shape without any big bills coming in for expenditures. 

Membership Status/Update 

Membership Mailing Drive – There was a total of 260 letters mailed out with 42 going to regular members and others were addresses that had been collected. The invoice was paid in the amount of $395.28 which included printing, labeling and mailing of 225 letters. Considering our time this was a good thing; the cost was about $1.76 per letter. Hopefully, there will be memberships coming in that will cover that cost. 

Response to Members Who Join – When we receive memberships, a thank you post card could be sent out. We might also want to mention donations are tax deductible under the 501 (c) 3 non-profit designation. Marcia mentioned it might be nice to send a seed packet also with a letter to new members. It might also be nice to try to invite new members to events. There are also a couple of renditions of brochures that list the Society’s accomplishments that are left that could be sent out. After some discussion, it was decided Kristi would have the postcards printed and drop them by Sue’s for her to mail out. Judy offered to help if Sue needs help. Kristi would just print a few postcards to start with. 

Old Business 

Revamped/Updated Logo – Kristi mentioned it was important to talk about an updated or new logo especially since the Society has just sent out letters to folks talking about the Society and directing them to the website. Kristi suggested someone she uses to have logos created. This person charges $65 per hour for a design. We can set a certain dollar amount for this work. Typically, this could run from $350 to 650 depending on the complexity of the design. Gloria suggested using the building or lettering. Sue likes the idea of using the statue, if possible. Laura mentioned the museum just had a new logo designed and went through a process that really makes you think about what you want for your logo and what reflects the organization. Dan suggested having something that could be used on other things like clothing and promotional items. After some discussion, Sue moved and Dan seconded that Kristi go ahead and investigate what a professional designer could do for a logo. Motion carried. 

Videos – Sue asked what had happened with the videos that Ruth did. Kristi would follow up to see where these were at with regard to editing, etc. Some have been posted on the website and Ruth did 

close to 12 videos that would need to be edited. Ruth had a friend who was going to try to do some editing for free. 

New Business 

Update Website – Since we are referring people to the website, we need to have it updated by going through to be sure the links work and that latest information and accomplishments are included, add photos, etc. Kailee has worked on it and would be available. It might take 10 to 20 hours of work. Sue moved and Dan seconded to have Kailee update the website with her time to be limited to 10 hours at $25 per hour for a total of $250 to start with. If more time is needed, she can come back to the Board for approval. Motion carried. 

Support Letter to Town for Jacoby Farm – The Town of Windsor is looking for a grant for Jacoby Farm to do a history search. Kristi included the letter she gave to the Town. Laura gave an update. The grant has been submitted with letters of support from WSHS, Windsor Fire Museum, and Poudre Heritage Alliance. The grant proposes to do an archaeological survey with ground penetrating radar to try to figure out the original location of the halfway house. It was learned recently that it had been moved from its original location. They will also try to determine if Overland Trail actually went through the property, as they believe it travelled very close by. Archaeologists will then use the information generated from radar to make a series of test pits to determine if there are cultural resources that need to be removed before Windsor develops the space. The Town also hopes to get a grant to do a historic structure assessment for the halfway house and hopefully start the restoration of that building next year to return it to what it may have looked like in 1873 although there is no photographic evidence. They are working with an historic preservationist and an architect on this. 

Poudre Pour – Judy and Laura updated the Board on the possibility of the Poudre Heritage holding the Poudre Pour on September 26 on its own. Laura confirmed the Town will not be holding Oktoberfest this year because they think the Poudre Pour might be better attended. There was discussion at a recent meeting about doing a somewhat different event and adding a biking activity to the Poudre Pour and having nodes out on the trail where people could sample beers and appetizers and have an educational activity there also. This will involve more logistics in moving booths out to the trail, etc. There are guidelines from the State for outdoor events that will need to be followed with regard to Covid-19. PHA will need to limit attendance to 175 and may need to do two sessions of events during the day. The PHA has not made a final decision yet on whether the Poudre Pour will be taking place. 

Laura confirmed they are looking into whether the liquor license can be expanded and whether the trail can be closed down for the event. Whether the biking component is added or not, there will still be a center of activity at the Museum so hopefully there will still be places for booths near the buildings for groups such as the WSHS. The PHA should be making a decision at their Board meeting on July 9th. Kristi confirmed the WSHS would still want to participate as envisioned originally. 

Tax Exempt Status for Postal Service – While doing the mailing, Kristi found the WSHS doesn’t have a Colorado tax exemption status through the postal system. She will apply for this. Having this would help save money on mailings in the future. 

New Brochure – Also, with regard to the older brochures, Kristi suggested we might want to create a new one and might want to make the brochure larger so that the type can be larger so it is easier to read. 

Severance Centennial Celebration – Dan reported that on August 8th at 10 a.m. there will be a Centennial Parade in Severance. They are working on meeting guidelines for social distancing, etc. 

The Town does not know whether more activities will be happening, but Dan will keep everyone up to date. 

American Legion History – Gloria contacted the person at the Legion and gave them the information in the Windsor books. The Legion has reopened looking fresh and new with new staff and new management. Hopefully, they will use some of the information provided. 

Footprints in the Sugar – Gloria will still work on getting the Footprints in the Sugar book to the Depot once things calm down with the virus. Gloria appreciates all the work being done by the Society as she is not comfortable getting out much right now. 

The next meeting will be a teleconference call on Monday, July 27th. 

The Meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Judy Firestien Secretary