The WSHS met on March 25,2019 at Bethel Lutheran Church with Hal Pearson, Laura Browarny, Marcia Will-Clifton, Gloria Gaslin, Kristie Melendez, Carolyn Figal, Judy Firestein, Elaine Schlotthauer, and Sue Buxmann. 

Minutes were approved after Hal Pearson’s name was added as attending.

Treasuer’s report was given. Checking…$15,472.47, savings…$5,164.56, CD…$3,265.01. We received a deposit from GW oil for $154.05. We paid Colorado Stonecrafts for the last bricks $378.00.

Kristie is working on getting a day set up called Community Cares. We may have our dedication that day. There will be a lot of activity at Broadwalk that day and we would have a good crowd. She will get in touch with Austin and let us know the information.

The memorial for Sandy received donations for $1150.00. The corner of 5th and Ash will have a small little park in her honor. We will pay for a large pot and the sign to recognize her. The town will get rid of the tree, shrubs and rocks that are there now. They will build up the north side to prevent erosion. They will keep the large rocks and plant a smaller tree. The town will get a bench to put there. This year the plan is to have purple flowers in the pot for her. Marcia will get the information for the sign. Judy will think of something to put on the sign.  

Poudre Pour will be Saturday the 30th. Judy will be there and Marcia and Sue will work different shifts for the WSHS. We will have our brochures and books for sale. Marcia will get individual pretzel packages to pass out.

The artwork was taken to Pikes Automotive the first of the Month. It will be moved the first of April. Marcia will talk to Ryan Scallon and see about putting it in his office at ReMax Eagle Rock.

Laura will see who can get the bricks out of Sue’s garage.

Hal suggested an emblem for the society made with a picture of the completed statue. 

Sue Buxmann