The WSHS met on March 27, with Marge Straube, Luke Bolinger, Hal Pearson, Sue Buxmann Sandy Brug, Tommy Stetson, and Kristie Melendez present.

Andy and Caitlin from the Town have completed the interpretive sign for the statue. It has been sent to Poudre River Heritage for approval.

We are going to receive $5000 from GW Oil.

Kristie has been talking to Shawn Pike about using some of our parking spaces. She will continue the conversation with the Town due to our agreement with them.

Sandy will arrange a meeting with Colorado Stone to pick out a stone to place at the statue site recognizing our club. Kristie suggested we include all of our names on it.

We will soon start our Book and Brick membership campaign. Kristie suggested we tie it in with our 30th anniversary of our club becoming a 501C which was in 1988. Sandy had a draft of the letter to send. We will start it first with a media blitz. Caitlin wants us to put something in the Windsor Muse-News. The deadline is April 11 and it will be out on April 19. Sandy has volunteered to write something. Kristie suggested we get the instrument to take credit cards.  There is always a small charge on every transaction but it probably would be worth it.

Austin has asked us for help the day he brings the statue to set up. We will need to provide a crane to put the big pieces in place. Marge said she was going to approach the people that are putting the gas line in around her house.

We will serve refreshments at our ceremony on June 29 at 6:00pm. We also need to print a brochure telling the story of the statue.

We will do the exhibit in July at the Windsor Rec Center. Marge has talked to Tim Hettinger to see if AHSGR will do two windows.


June 10 from 6 pm to 11:59 pm is the OPEN FARM at the Von-Troth-Firestein Farm. We will be there to sell memberships.

Sandy would like to arrange a meeting next week after the rain at the creamery to see what is inside.

Respectfully Submitted

Sue Buxmann:)