Minutes of The Windsor-Severance Historical Society May 18, 2020 

The Windsor-Severance Historical Society met via Telephone Conference Call on Monday, May 18 at 10:00 a.m. In attendance were Kristie Melendez, Elaine Schlotthauer, Gloria Gaslin, Dan Meyers, Marcia Will-Clifton, Laura Browarny, Sue Buxman, and Judy Firestien. 

Call to Order – Kristie Melendez called the meeting to order at 10:01 a.m. 

Monthly Reports/Approvals 

January Minutes – The Minutes from the previous meeting on February 24, 2020 were reviewed and approved with one correction. 

Treasurer’s Report – Elaine gave a verbal report on funds. The balance in the checking account is $16,910.37, the balance in savings is $5,189.92 and the balance of the CD is $3,289.93. A Paypal payment of $23.97 was received on April 20th. Kristie commented we have healthy balances and that is a good thing. 

Membership Status/Update 

Membership Drive – There was discussion about a Membership Drive at a previous meeting with plans to get together as a small group to make calls on renewals and new memberships and stuff envelopes. This is something that can’t be done now with the Covid-19 situation. Kristie has asked Kaleigh to merge and purge the membership list. Kristie will check with United Mailing to get quotes on printing, addressing and sending out letters. The Poudre Pour has been postponed, but there are seed packets that were ordered and can be used in the future when things start opening up again. Marcia suggested having United Mailing get the mailing out for now with a follow up at the Severance events. The August events have been cancelled, but the Severance Centennial may be celebrated in November or possibly September. There are no solid dates for anything. The Poudre Pour may be combined with the Windsor Oktoberfest on September 26; this could be a good time to get our message out and to give out seed packets and sell books. 

Kristie will work on a couple of letters; one could be a reminder to renew and the other could be to encourage people to participate and join the organization and will get quotes for mailing. She would circulate the letters for Board members to review and approve before being mailed as well as circulating quote information for review. 

Old Business 

Intergenerational Project with Clearview Library – The Library had reached out to Marge Straube looking for some information. The American Legion is staying where they are at and are taking this time to revamp the inside of the Legion. There are a lot of new things happening and there is also a new Commander and Board. As part of this, they wanted to do a story on who the Legion was named after and how it got its name; Forbes-McKay Post #109. Gloria would check the book by Roy Ray – Highlights in the History of Windsor and call the contact at the Legion. They may be buried in the Windsor cemetery. The Legion would like to reopen with some sort of celebration. Gloria reported the Legion was named “in the memory of Windsor’s two boys who lost their lives overseas during the World War – Jimmy Forbes and Angus McKay.” Gloria would provide the list of charter members also listed in the book to the Legion contact. She would also send information from the book A Walk Through Windsor to the Legion. 

Odell Brewing Funding Opportunity – Laura has reached out but has not heard anything. It is assumed things are on hold until future notice. 

Poudre Pour – The Poudre Pour may be held in combination with the Windsor Oktoberfest on September 26th. The Society may be able to participate in some Severance events in November. The July Concert Series may still take place. 

Update on Severance – Dan thanked Marcia and Laura for the pictures he got from them. They have been using those for “Throwback Thursday” on social media sites for Severance. The picture stand is ready to use as a backdrop and Dan will be there to help set up. Severance accepted bids for an historic quilt and has one of the residents making this for them. They have high school students working on murals and video projects. If they come back in September, they hope the students can continue on this or it can continue into next year. 

New Business 

Logo – Hal had suggested it would be cool to have the logo somewhat representative of the statute. This could all be revisited and Kristie could get quotes for having someone work on a new logo and somehow bring in the statue. There is a picture on the phone book that Austin provided that is really good. However, sometimes a photo is not best for a logo. Kristie could ask Austin for permission to use the photo. 

Debit Card – Sue asked if something could be arranged for paying for postage to ship books when sold on the website ($2.80 each). Suggestions were to use the “Click and Ship” account through the USPS online to print out a label and drop off the book or have the USPS pick up the book at her home. Kristie would set this up for Sue under her name. 

Gloria moved and Marcia seconded the Society proceed with obtaining a debit card through Bank of Colorado with a daily limit of $2,000 to be used on USPS Click and Ship for shipping books. Motion carried. 

Elaine would arrange for the card and then give it to Kristie to set up the account for Sue. 

Book – Footprints in the Sugar – Gloria added she had not gotten the Footprints in the Sugar book to the Depot yet, but she still intended to do that later. She would be happy to help with mailings and different things but was hesitant to go out with the Covid-19 situation. 

Kristie was interested in getting copies of the two books Gloria had mentioned earlier in the meeting. They may be at the Library or Marge may have copies also. Sue added several years ago the Society printed a book that contained both of these books. Sue would check the files. 

The next meeting will be a teleconference call on June 23rd

The Meeting was adjourned at 10:47 a.m. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Judy Firestien Secretary