The WSHS met on November 25,2019 at Bethel Lutheran Church with Kristie Melendez, Marge Straube, Sue Buxmann, Laura Browarny, Gloria Gaslin, Thomas Chambers, and Dan Meyers from Severance.

Ruth is still working on the videos. Chad Browarny has agreed to work on them over Christmas vacation for $25.00 an hour. After much discussion it was agreed to use students as volunteers to encourage community spirit and appreciation. The Town of Windsor may use some snippets in an exhibit later next year.

Digi-Pix is ready to print the picture. They do not need a down payment from us. Dan is going to check on a white board stand at Severance High School and see if that would work. If it doesn’t Dan presented plans to build it himself at the cost of $50.00. The WSHS logo needs to be on the picture where it can be easily seen, leaving a 6” border around the picture. Sue will let Marcia know to continue on with the project and send her the logo. If we get it done by Dec. 7, we can set it up on the outside of the depot to have people take pictures of it. Also, it can be stored in the depot and people could take pictures with it inside on other days.

Gloria found a copy of the new phone book that has a picture of the statue. It would be a very good example for our new logo.

Dan reported on the 100- year celebration for Severance in 2020. He is working with SHS principal making a video of students asking residents about the history of the town. Also suggested a quilt for Severance and a mural for town hall. Dec 7 will be the open house for Severance at the town hall. 

December 7 will be Windsor Wonderland. We will sit by the table for the kiddies to find the elf.

We will have election in January and that will be our annual meeting. We will post on face book and the website. Please consider taking an office.

There will be no meeting in December.

We will meet again in January on the fourth Monday of the month at Bethel Lutheran Church.

Sue Buxmann