The WSHS met on November 26,2018 at the First Christian Church with Marcia Will-Clifton, Marge Straube, Gloria Gaslin, Thomas Chambers, Hal Pearson, Kristie Melendez, Caitlin Huesser, Sue Buxmann  and guest Marcia’s sister Laura Troxell, from Lewis, Delaware.

Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report was given, Checking …$13,441.30, savings…$5157.92, CD…$3258.04. Sandy Brug was paid for the camcorder, and deposits were made for bricks and books.

The web site has been updated with brick and book information and minutes. Sue is still having problems receiving the e-mail at the address.

Site Lock has been cancelled. Sue called and confirmed the cancelation but they have not sent a confirmation to her as stated. They have not been paid and the credit card they have on file is no longer active.

Austin’s report on the statue is the foundry said it will be done at the beginning of the year since they have had several people leave the factory. It will be in bronze and ready to show people by the end of the year. He will let us know when he can get a tour set up.

Marcia reported the artwork has been at Manweiler’s for about a month. We will move it to the Town of Windsor at the beginning of December.

Sue reported that Mark Clay has the information for six bricks at this time and she has sold maybe 5 or 6 more.

Sue met with the Historic Preservation Committee in November to inform them as what we are now doing as a club. They are working on signs to go around the lake trail telling about the history of the lake. Graduate students from CSU have wrapped up a research project on historic homes on Walnut Street. It will be presented at the Art and Heritage on Monday, December 3, 2018 from 5-7. Everyone is invited. The town also has the Churches of Windsor that the same group did on digital. It needs to be made available to the public.

Gloria moved to donate $25.00 to the WHS After Prom Committee. It was seconded and passed.

A use agreement was signed to continue using the First Christian Church for a meeting place. Jim Barrington, the pastor, will be retiring after Dec 24,2018. We wish him well in this next step in his mission life.

Marcia, Sue and Marge have agreed to work at the Windsor Wonderland on December 3. We will be at the depot and help with the hunt for the Elf on the shelf. We will also sell books and give information on the bricks and the WSHS.


Sue Buxmann