The WSHS met on September 23, 2019 with Marge Straube, Hal Pearson, Dan Meyers, Kristie Melendez, Marcia Will-Clifton, Carolyn Figal, Ruth Brunner and Sue Buxmann at Bethel Lutheran Church.

Minutes were approved. 

Treasurer’s report was not given. Will be sent by e-mail.

We need to plan on starting our membership drive in January.

Dan will get with Sue to set up the picture at the Severance Town Hall. He will set it up to help direct people from their website to our membership information.

Dan reported on the 100 years anniversary that Severance is planning. Dan will work with the students and teachers of Severance schools to get stories about Severance history. This would be an excellent way for them to learn about the history of this town. The stories could be used for the celebration.  

Ruth reported on several interviews that she has done. Sherron Brunner and Bill and Lois Hettinger are on our web site. Others will follow after they have been edited. Protocol for these interviews needs to be…1. Sign agreement   2. Date agreement 3. Indicate how the interview will be used. 4. All rights belong to WSHS

Marcia reported on Windsor Wonderland. She has the picture of the three men shoveling beets into a truck. She will get the information of the cost and backing to be used. It was suggested that WSHS be interposed on the picture somehow. Kids or adults can stick their heads in the holes and they can take their own photos with their phones. Dan suggested that we could use this photo at other places. We need to create a stand for this. It needs to be at a proper height for children and adults. Suggested we could get students in wood working classes to help with this.

Hal is going to get some examples of a new logo for WSHS.


Sue Buxmann😊